I am learning to 
Name 2-dimensional shapes
Describe shape attributes in their own language
Success Criteria
Identify triangle, square, oblong, circle, oval, pentagon, hexagon and diamond

Use the words: corner, edge, straight, curved, side

Music - Keeping the beat

I am learning to 

Keep to a beat, by clapping, patting my knees or using an instrument.

Writing Term 3 & 4

I am learning to 
Draw a picture plan

Remember and retell my story


I am learning to 

  • Move my body using the gymnastics skills of jumping and rolling.

Reading Term 4

Dance Performance

Big Idea: We can express ourselves creatively through dance

Deep Understandings:
The children will understand:
That dance has evolved through the decades
That to learn a dance you need to follow a series of instructions
Dance is a form of social interaction.
Dance is good for your health and well-being.
Skill Focus:
1- Learn the specific steps to a dance
2 - Keep in time to the music
3 - Follow instructions

Value Focus (Excellence)
1 -Trying our best
2 - Persevering

3 - Acknowledging the efforts of others