Our Garden Project 2015 Term 4

Our Garden Project 
2015 Term 4 

We are learning:

To write and observe how our pumpkin seed is growing into a plant.

Success Criteria:

We will know we are successful when we can describe the life cycle of a plant.

Our Garden Project on PhotoPeach 
We are learning: 
To do folkdances from different cultures around the world.

Term 3 Integrated Topic - Technology

Term 3 Integrated Topic - Technology

Miss Frampton: What is the problem with your vehicle?

Harvey: My problem was that the wheels kept spinning off so I kept trying and trying to put them back on, then I got plasticine which kept the wheels from falling off.  This meant my vehicle didn’t break when it was going down the ramp.

Miss Frampton: Did you solve your problem.

Harvey: Yes!

Gymnastic Term 3 2015

Gymnastic Term 3 2015

Learning Intention:
I am learning to create and perform a sequence that links 2 shapes.

Success Criteria:

I will be successful when I perform a sequence that I have created that links 2 shapes with a roll.

Technology Term 3 2015

Technology Term 3 2015

I am learning to identify a problem and make a modification (change).

Music - teaching and reinforcing pitch

Music - teaching and reinforcing pitch
We are learning to recognise high and low sounds and follow instructions to demonstrate this.

The song - on the piano is a way to reinforce pitch again alongside reinforcing their knowledge of the alphabet. 

2015 Term 2 Maths – Measurement

2015 Term 2 Maths  Measurement

WALT: I am learning to measure the lengths, areas of objects using my footprint

2015 Term 2 Reading

2015 Term 2 Reading

                  Reading Group: Crocky Crocodiles                   
Harvey, Aidan, Rylee and Zar.

Learning Intentions:
In my group we are learning to recognise some punctuation e.g. full stops, capital letters, question marks and speech marks.

Term 2 PE

Term 2 PE


Learning intention: We are learning to send objects accurately


Success Criteria: I can …

Roll the ball along the ground towards the target

Step forward with my opposite foot

Point towards the target

Explain what I am trying to do when playing Skittles


(Players should take turns to use under arm throwing skills to send objects to knock over the cones)


2015 Term 2 Maths

2015 Term 2 



We are learning to:

Measure the distance travelled by each toy in standard or non-standard units eg block lengths, straw lengths etc.  

Estimate – good guess



Success Criteria: 

We measure and estimate different distance our toys travelled. We even got a few of the estimates right! 


Our next step for learning:

·     is to measure distances carefully in appropriate units

to use centimetres or metres to measure the distance our cars/toys can go. 

2015 Tern 2 - Music

2015 Term 2 - Music

Beat and Rhythm
·      Students can keep a steady beat
·      Students can separate Beat from Rhythm and perform a rhythm pattern

2015 Term 1 & 2 Writing

Term 1 & 2 Writing

Expressive writing - write spontaneously to record personal experiences


To use their own experiences for writing, and to begin to talk about some features of their own writing.
To begin to understand and use capital letters and fullstops.
To use simple sentences with some variation in beginnings. 

Art Term 1 2015

Term 1 Art Attack

I am learning to
  • create a self-portrait
  • talk about my own art work and artwork created by others

Success Criteria
  • To create a portrait where my facial features are the right size and shape and are drawn in the right place on my face.

Next step
  • All facial features are in proportion and correctly placed.